Over the past 10 years, our group has developed a strong interest in B cell receptor (BCR) signaling and clonal selection of B cell malignancies. Our research in this field has been supported by multiple long-standing collaborations at UCSF and is guided by information from clinical trials for children (COG) and adults (ECOG). Through these relationships and as lead of the NCI CTEP ‘Xenografting and pre-clinical drug-testing’ program, our laboratory has built an in vivo drug-testing resource based on xenografts from >90 patient-derived B cell malignancies with clinical, RNAseq and whole exome annotation. This resource is central to the translational aspects of our work, which is now supported by an NCI Outstanding Investigator Award (R35).

B cell            B cell lineage leukemia

   Control                Control                TKI     

Abnormal signal transduction in leukemic B cells: Normal and leukemic B cells were treated with or without a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) and tyrosine phosphorylation events were visualized by intracellular staining.